Kimberly D. Brooks - Attorney at Law



"Family Law disputes can be highly emotional experiences. It is important that clients have the confidence, security and knowledge to make crucial decisions about the future and feel as protected as possible.

"I feel children are the foundation of the family structure and that's why the foundation of my approach to Family Law is the children. During Family Law disputes, perspective can be difficult to maintain, especially when it may seem as if your life is out of control. When this happens, it is often difficult for adults to understand just how much their own conflict may impact the life of their child. It is my goal to honor my clients' needs while encouraging and assisting them to remain positively focused on the best interests of their children. For me, clients are more than just legal cases and a job. My emphasis is on the total person, their families and their lives in crisis.

"In divorce cases, the loss can be devastating to everyone involved. It's important to take the necessary time to deal with the loss, the emotion and the confusion that can often accompany a divorce. I am acutely aware of the stress my clients are experiencing, from custody and property issues to the expense of a divorce. My objective is to help clients view their divorce as a 'family reorganization' rather than an end to the family.

"Success in handling Family Law disputes should be focused on achieving a good result, but not at all costs. Family Law cases do not have to be hostile. I encourage clients to settle their agreements amicably out of court whenever possible. However, in the interests of justice, or for the sake of the well being of children, sometimes there is no alternative to litigation. If so, you can be assured that I will be an aggressive advocate for my client. I consider your unique situation, carefully examine the facts and research the law as it applies to your case. I believe that there is no substitute for hard work and preparation. Above all else, it is my intention to conclude every case with the client feeling that their goals have been accomplished with professionalism, integrity and in a way that leaves them prepared to embrace with confidence whatever their future brings. It is a priority for me to offer clients support and compassion along with reasoned, solid legal representation.

"Whether you are seeking to end your marriage, or your spouse is seeking a divorce, I can help. Whether you are able to resolve your remaining differences outside of court, or need experienced and skilled representation in litigation, I can help. As families and their needs change, modification of agreements and orders sometimes become necessary; I'm always available to my clients should that need arise."

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